Waves, waves, oh pretty waves. ⁣The way you sound. ⁣The way you roar...⁣Causing goosebumps on my skin at first touch. ⁣Stripping me of my yesterday...⁣Cleansing me. ⁣Readying me for another tomorrow. ⁣Deeper and deeper, you pull me.⁣Sinking in your quicksand.⁣Covered with you.⁣Trapped in an infinite hourglass. ⁣Losing track of time.⁣⁣How do you know?⁣How do you … Continue reading Wavy

Temporary Beauty

I planted a seed.⁣Watered it with my rain and my love.⁣A timed beauty.⁣Plucked by ones who cannot understand they could not handle...⁣Taken from the deepest root ⁣Pained.⁣ Thorns so strong and sharp. Tossed on unknown ground.Still reaching up ⁣Touching the sky with what remainsBlown by the wind of experience ⁣back down.⁣Growing.⁣Landing in minds and souls … Continue reading Temporary Beauty