The Teen Mum

Sweet sixteen, or is it? This blog post is not to shame myself, anyone who reads this, anyone who is possibly going through this or already has gone through it. Nor am I looking for pity because this is not a sad story. I am also in no way shape or form applauding teen pregnancy.

This is my triumph story. I am deciding to share it in hopes that if you find yourself in this position in life, you will not give up but will keep in mind that you have options and that your life can be better if you truly desire. If you put your mind and your all into making that happen.

You are not less. Youre not unworthy of success nor is it far from your reach. This does not mean your life is over, having a baby doesnt mean your life is over. It will be harder and you should do everything that you can to push forward for yourself and your baby; but your life IS NOT over. It is just starting, in a different way.

When I was seventeen years old, senior in High School, I became pregnant. I had no idea what I was going to do or how my parents would react. I was young and was very worried about what everyone would think or say when they found out. Stress and fear overcame me at this point.

I would overthink everything, playing out different scenarios. Hyperventilating constantly and even fell into depression. You see, I have always been against abortion for myself and this wasnt going to be the moment for me to start changing my mind. I didnt know what or how I was going to do things but what I did know for sure was that I was going to have my baby.

After telling my family and the school I was in at the time, I started to feel better except that I worried about graduating and providing. I worked very hard to finish my classes, even took some extra ones. My baby was my motivation and I sure made it to the finish line. Shortly after I landed an amazing job and although things fell off with my partner at the time, it just pushed me to keep striving.

I have purpose even on my worst days. The moral is, do not give up and try not to be so hard on yourself. You will make it past whatever comes your way. Do not let others dictate your life or tell you that you are less or that you’re not capable of anything just because you are a mother, a woman. obstacles are like food on a plate.

If you need someone to talk to, feel free to contact me.

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