Loud Whispers

She cried out in desperation

In a voice only the heavens could understand

How am I supposed to feed my child in this financial declination

If what comes in goes back out to this world of desensitization and starvation

How am I to seize this stress and live my life if all we see is greed and death

How am I to be a woman to my loving husband and soulful children

if I seem to not be able to satisfy not even myself?

She lost her breath after all she expressed

All that was bottling up within & under her flesh

She fell onto her knees

This time she cries out louder


Before she could finish her sentence

She heard the loudest thunder and a voice that shook the walls of her body

A voice that does not leave you in wonder

A voice that said…


It’s as though you’ve forgotten who you are speaking to

When have I not been around to feed you?

When have I abandoned you?

Are you not my lamb and I the Shepard?

This is but a test of roaring waters and desert storms,

a garden of bushes with the spikiest thorns.

Youve made it past worse and this times no different

You won’t give up, that is the mission

I have guided & protected you

even from A distance

This will be another lesson you live to share with those who listen.

— Samantha Mia

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