The Greatest Love

Self-love, self worth

People search for me everywhere.

See, at times you have lost the way to me.

Confused and misled.

Believing that every time you hear my name it is real and true.

Falling flat and finding yourself in a world drained of its bright colors and butterflies.

My name is thrown around as a nickname, as a game and as any other word.

My true meaning has been lost.

I am not pain.

I am not confusion.

You do not need someone else to give you what I can make you give yourself.

I am not just a word, a place, a thing and especially not just a person.

Of course, I can be whatever and whoever you want me to be and for whoever you want me to be for.

I am complex, made up of strong feelings and emotions.

I am warmth and romance.

Everlasting, unconditional and true.

I am where you need me to be.

Always with you.

I am not what you see in those posted videos and photos around the globe that make you doubt yourself, your self worth.


I am love and I am in you.

In them.

In all of us.

I am YOU.

I love every bit of you, as you came, became, are and will become.

I am that voice that whispers in your ear after you’ve cried.

That hug that squeezes and sweetens the most bitter days.

What you see in the mirror when you look at yourself.

I am the reflection and reminder of the higher up.

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