You came to me like a thief in the night. Stealing from me my peace, my sleep and even my body.

Numbing me and depriving me of continuing my path to recovery and regaining my self love, my power.

How this was possible, was not clear to me until I began to realize that I never faced you, truly.

I let your ghost torment me, interrupting my life, my surroundings, my own soul. I now know your secret and you no longer have a grip on me.

I am free from the chains that linked me to the past and weighed me down like boat anchors.

I faced you. I forgave you. I forgave myself. I wish you well and I’ve let go.

You will no longer dictate when I should smile, I am not wrong for moving forward. I will continue my life with no regrets. Yesterday taught me how to handle today.

Samantha Mia

The Rolling Soul