Waves, waves, oh pretty waves. ⁣
The way you sound. ⁣
The way you roar…⁣
Causing goosebumps on my skin at first touch. ⁣
Stripping me of my yesterday…⁣
Cleansing me. ⁣
Readying me for another tomorrow. ⁣
Deeper and deeper, you pull me.⁣
Sinking in your quicksand.⁣
Covered with you.⁣
Trapped in an infinite hourglass. ⁣
Losing track of time.⁣

How do you know?⁣
How do you do it? ⁣
You come.⁣
You heal.⁣
You release.⁣
Connecting to my soul leaving a salty trail so I don’t forget where I came from but head forward, where the sun kisses the sea water. ⁣
I grow stronger. ⁣
Your beauty, patience and strength they soak into my skin filling me. ⁣

I feel better, I feel renewed. ⁣
I am ready. ✨⁣
Where do YOU find your peace? ⁣

Do you have a special place where you can let go of what is weighing you down and find yourself once more? ⁣

waves are constantly crashing inside of us

Samantha Mia

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