Relationship Tip #1

To commit or not to commit?

Let’s talk about COMMITMENT. For those of you that do not know what commitment means, it means the following:

1. The state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity, etc.
2. An engagement or obligation that restricts freedom of action.

When one chooses to commit to someone, there is a great responsibility that comes with that decision. No one enjoys being played with or hurt, if you do you, I suggest you seek some help.

So why commit if you aren’t ready to do so?

Here are some reasons why; you may need some company, perhaps you want to feel important or maybe you THINK you can be committed.

Where do you go wrong?

Here is where; you find someone attractive or find their bank account, Instagram following, and other platforms attractive, so you want a bit of that attention, not really thinking about that person’s real feelings and intentions. If you are already together, you go wrong when you no longer have eyes for that one person, meaning that you no longer view that person the way you once did and you don’t know how to tell that person so you continue the relationship with them knowing it is not what you want anymore.

How to prevent?


Here is what happens…

Being in a relationship can be as easy as you make it and depending on the type of relationship it can become even easier. For example, you meet someone, you like them and you enter the “Honeymoon” stage. You now claim to be only talking to that one person. Or you’re already in a “boyfriend and girlfriend” relationship and move on to marriage.

Once you’re in these relationships you get to know your partner, you’re happy, you are doing well and then what happens? The “Honeymoon stage” is over and that person starts to be “regular” to you. No matter how much you love them you just don’t feel the same and start to realize that there are MANY other people out there that can easily be attracting your eyes or attention. You crave a different taste or experience. You have grown bored for whatever reason you may have.

So what’s the right thing to do?

END THE RELATIONSHIP YOU ARE CURRENTLY INVOLVED IN. Do not continue to be with someone who no longer holds 95 percent of your heart. Do not let the fear of being alone or starting over keep you in an unhealthy, unbalanced, unhappy situation. Comfort should not be the reason you choose to not let go.

If you cannot be loyal, then don’t commit claiming to be loyal. Embrace your freedom if that’s what you please, but do not steal the heart, time, and freedom of another person just because you found that person attractive for or at the moment.


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