Have You Valued Yourself Enough Lately?

Don’t be fooled by what you see on the media or social platforms. Not all of what you see is exactly what you believe to be true about that person, place or thing.

I could have been crying for hours then took my camera out and smiled. That post of my smile is the only thing you will see and believe that I had no trouble today.

Don’t compare yourself or belittle yourself because of what you see another person doing or how they may look at the moment. You have no idea what that persons life behind the flash of their camera, filters and poses are. You know what people allow you to see.

Protect yourself, your soul and rebuild yourself.

I came across a public account the other day of a young woman. I remember feeling shocked and disappointed because she, like so many of us now are NOT taking our lives as serious as we should. This young woman had a public page with absolutely all of her info on it, I don’t think the thoughts ever crossed her mind that if I wanted to harm her I knew exactly where to go, what exact store she works in, what her full name is, what she and her child looks like and etc.

Where are we all going with this?

We don’t even support those closest to us. Support doesn’t mean just a purchase of any item or service, it’s a repost to spread the word, a like to know what you think, anything at all. Where is the love and the unity? What is happening to us all?

We are more than this. We are better than this. It’s time to speak up and make differences before it’s truly too late.

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