Apocalyptic Dreams #1

It’s gloomy out.

I see myself walking in a place that almost looks like the neighborhood in which I grew up in, by the #4 train on Kingsbridge Road.

I see myself walking, well more like rushing, like I had to be somewhere and was about to be late.

I see some people along the way.

Maybe even had a conversation or two.

Can’t really hear what it’s about but I can see lips moving.

I stopped walking.

I guess I have reached my destination, a restaurant.

I see many people around.

I sit at a long table.

To the left of my table is another long table with a Chinese family who apparently I knew because we spoke as if we did.

At my table I saw my son, my mother who was across the table at the end next to me was my father, my fiancé and the rest of the people I am sure was my family.

We ate and before getting up we spoke about where they would go. I suggested they stay with me although my place wasn’t that big.

We got up and right before waking out

A very loud siren like horn went off.

Loud enough to feel your chest shake.

I looked down and saw my son covering his ears.

I stepped closer to the exit to peek out.

It looked like New York City.

When I looked up i saw many buildings but there was one tall one that stood out the most. Sunlight shining right above it and then a WAVE of water sat at the top.

Looked like a cup when you tilt it.

It rose higher and ran down the building onto the ground

Flooding the streets and splashed into the restaurant wetting my feet.

I stepped back and screamed


I looked at my mother and said

“It’s starting.”

She looked at me and nodded yes.

I looked down and got on my knee to level with my son.

I began to pray and asked my son to repeat after me because I knew right then and there that we were going to have to say our goodbyes and that this was the end of times.

I woke up from this dream, suddenly.

Checked my phone for the time

It was 5:40am. I woke my fiancé up and told him my dream with tears rolling down my face. I could still feel the intense emotions and fear from the dream. I had trouble going back to sleep but when I did the dream continued to replay.


Perhaps you have different beliefs or maybe you agree that this was a vision of some sort. Maybe it’s nothing at all, just a dream. Have you ever had a lucid dream where you can feel everything that is happening or perhaps you were falling and woke right before hitting the ground? Whatever your beliefs are or what you think this dream was, I feel it was something I should share in hopes that it means something to someone.

We cannot deny that we are living shorter years, months, days, hours, minutes and seconds. Scarier and harder times. We are seeing things that we have heard about or read about in the past but never thought that we would actually experience.

How prepared are you?

My post is not to offend nor confuse anyone. Feel free to share your own dreams and or experiences. I am always open to listening. I will be sharing more of these vivid dreams with you later on.

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