She doesn’t always do her hair. She doesn’t always wear makeup.

She doesn’t always dress up and wear heels.

She isn’t always smiling and she isn’t always frowning.

She is as sweet as honey on a ticking time bomb, at any moment she can explode.

She loves strongly.

She cares purely.

She doesn’t always get it right and doesn’t always admit it.

She’s far from perfect and is no saint.

She is whatever you think she is but to herself, she is everything

People often judge and take others for granted. When we insult others or assume things without taking the time to even get to know that person or try to understand them we end up hurting them. They say that what doesn’t work for one person works for another; the sooner we realize and accept this the better.

There is not one soul or being that is exactly the same and for that reason we should appreciate our time with those who cross our path and the lessons they bring us. Accept who you are for what you are and not try to change yourself to please another person who cannot see your worth. There is someone out there for you who will value you as they do themselves. Do not compare yourself to anyone else because you do not know the story behind their smiles.

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