Temporary Beauty

I planted a seed.⁣
Watered it with my rain and my love.⁣
A timed beauty.⁣
Plucked by ones who cannot understand they could not handle…⁣
Taken from the deepest root ⁣

Thorns so strong and sharp.

Tossed on unknown ground.
Still reaching up ⁣
Touching the sky with what remains
Blown by the wind of experience ⁣
back down.⁣
Landing in minds and souls from other locations.⁣
Being remembered long after you’re gone for your beauty and strength. ⁣

A rose with thorns that lift you. 🌹⁣


Have you ever felt that you have been taken apart and tossed, sprinkled around in different places causing you to have to work harder to put yourself back together? ⁣

We are like flowers, we grow in the womb, are born, grow and die. This cycle repeats over and and over again with different details in-between. ⁣
How we choose to live and shine is what counts because everything else is inevitable. 🥀⁣

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