Life is a continuous cycle of events, experiences and stories. Our purpose is for us to define, how you perceive life and your ups and downs are entirely up to you; the author. – Samantha Mia

As often as I possibly can, whenever I am alone and especially when in the shower, I begin to pray to God. I always start off with thanking God for everything. I thank in detail and then I ask for forgiveness for any wrong doings of any sort from my part or anyone else’s. Then I begin to send out universal love, wishes of blessings for my family, people around the world then myself.

After this I begin to ask for things that I believe my family should have, not because we are entitled but because I love my family enough to want the best for them. I begin with health. Health for my family and myself from the inside out. Then, wealth. I ask for wealth because although many say that money is the root of all evil it truly is NOT.

Without money in the world that we live in today, we cannot survive or live the life we would like to. How you let it control you is what’s “evil,” being selfish. Whose to say that we cannot have money and love God? We can. Whose to say that we are not and will not be able to achieve the goals we set and receive residual income?

No one has the right to say this because WE ARE worthy of it and can have it. The first step anyone including myself have to take is having FAITH. Faith in God and faith in yourself, your journey.

I ask for protection, love, happiness, peace, unity, loyalty and honesty amongst other things. I do not ask in a manner in which I sound like a spoiled-needy brat but in such a loving, powerful and sincere way.

I truly feel that what we think and what we choose to believe has a lot to do with the way our lives are and how our bank account is looking. Sure, sometimes a good connection, knowing the right people, can help boost you or your career but know that we all have the power to be an influencer if change and success. To be the person people look for in need of advice, guidance and a push up for our lives and careers.

Life is a continuous cycle of events, experiences and stories. Our purpose is for us to define, how you perceive life and your ups and downs are entirely up to you; the author.

I do not want money for the wrong reasons or the reasons that many or anyone else may want them. I don’t want wealth so that I can have 30 houses and 50 cars, I want it because I want freedom from “the system.” I want to make sure that my children and my children’s children grow in and with faith, that I as an individual and we as a family can focus on what’s really important. That we help and inspire others who think and truly feel that they are not going to ever make it out of the box they are in.

I want to travel and sprinkle inspiration, love and motivation wherever my feet touch ground. Carrying the message that I believe God will allow me to share. So that we can actually live and do great things. Money isn’t the root of evil. Negativity, loss of focus, loss of direction, loss of faith, greed is. Evil is the root of evil.

Yes, we feel controlled and bad things come from the ones in control and with all the power but those people are not your God. They are flesh just like you and I. They made a a change in their own way and succeed, however it is that they did it, so can you. Those people had $0 at one point in their lives and many doors were shut in their faces as well. If they made it why can’t you? You can! We can! I can.

There is nothing stopping us but us.

Faith it and you will make it.

Will it be easy? No. Will it be instant? No. Will it be worth it? Yes, infinity times yes.

I ask God to guide me to please bless those around me because when they are good, I am good.

Will you allow yourself to keep going around in circles in your own merry-go-round or will you change your course, hop off and create a new path leaving footprints so that others may follow with confidence enough to create their own paths and the paths for their followers.

How you think is how you are and if you are sincere in your prayers and wishes for others and yourself; such an attitude will bring positive results. Be the change you want or need and everything else will fall into place.

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