Spilt Milk

“Get over it”

Do you have any idea how much fakeness goes into social media and our daily lives? It’s become an extra skill. People post what they want to post in order to feel better, to get attention, to uplift others but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are feeling happy, free or successful.

Why are we expecting anything in return? Why are we putting up posts and only the good things that are happening in our lives? It’s becoming more and more popular to do this just for “show.” There’s probably not a soul that uses social media, that speaks to others at their jobs, classmates at school, peers at church, strangers anywhere, that can say that they have never faked a smile, a post or a story to feel better and mask whatever struggle, pain, unhappiness, jealousy they may be going through at that moment.

We know this to be true but we fall into it and believe these bullshit stories and fake poses, still comparing our lives to theirs and wonder why we haven’t made it. Complaining that we don’t have that or this, that we are stuck where we are even asking why that person is so happy and you’re not.

Imagine this, today while (PERSONS NAME) was giving their friend advice using empowering words via text message, they were actually being fake to themselves. While texting with their friend, (PERSONS NAME) was crying because their child had spilled milk onto the freshly cleaned floor. 

I guess they really did cry over spilled milk. We shouldn’t, why? Well because it’s only temporary. (PERSONS NAME) cried out of frustration when they saw the milk pour over the table to the ground but it didn’t take long to clean it up and soon everything was back to normal. We make a big deal out of the smallest things and we need to take a second to check ourselves.

Is it worth getting angry over if i’m still going to pick it up? No. Breathe. Everything that happens is going to lead to something else and it will teach us lessons that we need in order to be prepared for those next levels in our lives.

We won’t always be happy about what has happened but that’s okay too. Good and bad, good or bad, it makes us who we are and who we will become.

We can’t let what’s happening around us defeat what’s going on within us.

I am doing my very best to make it out of the dark and the deep hole under the ocean but it’s not always easy.

You are doing the right things and there’s room for everyone anywhere and wherever people say there isn’t room; MAKE ROOM because there is no reason why that person can and you can’t. We are humans, we make mistakes, we fail and we get back up. We are confused and then we seek guidance and move forward.

In a break up we feel it’s the end of the world and then without even realizing you’ve moved on and that feeling is gone.  Things are rough, tight and slow right now and you may be feeling less and like you wanna give up but don’t. Don’t be like the patient at the hospital that couldn’t wait one more minute and when he stormed out his name was called. You’ve come too far to just throw in the towel and let others take your spot.

So be you and the next time your cup of milk tips over, step back, breathe and keep it moving.

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