In Love With an Artist

Being with a Music Artist

“Life is like a conversation, it can go anywhere.” – Jhoni The Voice

For starters, pat yourself on the back for accepting the backpack that your artist-mate carries on his or her back. Even if at some point you both decide to go your separate ways or decide to troop it through life together, you are an incredible person for hopefully being supportive of the creative human you chose to be with. It is not easy but it can definitely be extraordinary.

Whether it is music, like my “Hunka hunka burnin’ love,” or perhaps painting, speaking, acting; whatever the profession or hobby is, ART in itself is beautiful and can be displayed in many shapes, sizes, forms and timing. To be able to express yourself from deep in the soul and out into the universe is a powerful gift. A power that not everyone can understand and handle, although anyone can obtain it if you truly desire it.

When I first met my now fiancé our lives weren’t completely aligned and it wasn’t the smoothest ride but when something or someone is meant for you and meant to be in your life, it doesn’t matter what you do or how many times you take a different path—life will make sure to put you both on the same path again. That’s exactly what happened with me. I fell in love with this man in a way that I still don’t fathom in its totality. He saved me from myself and healed me in ways that no other could ever. Filling any emptiness that I had within me causing me to rebuild confidence and love myself to the point that I can love him so much more, so much harder. The ultimate love road-trip. 

People may think that making music, selling music, traveling, performing in many different places, meeting and becoming a celebrity, filming videos, and gaining fans is easy and all fun and games but the raw truth is that there is much more that comes with that. So much hard work, sweat, time, tears, and countless emotions and situations come along as well. Trust is truly something that is extremely delicate and necessary in a relationship, especially one like this. In my own experience, we have had many beautiful moments and we have also suffered a period in which trust was weakened and questioned. 

Fans turn into something you worry about and all you see in the faces of the people that stand next to your partner is the word “ALERT.” When you are growing with someone, things are bound to happen and words are said whether we like them or not. We worked hard to rebuild and remove all that would destroy us and changed whatever caused this to happen in the first place. We are not saints nor are we better than anyone else. We are all humans and we learn from the actions we take in our lives. 

Does this mean that we never have disagreements? No, it just means that we handle things differently now. I knew what would come with the package but communication, respect, loyalty, and honesty is still a must. Today we are stronger than ever and very close. You cannot allow negative thoughts to take over your mind to the point that you believe nothing but those thoughts, leaving no room or space for explanations. If you allow yourself to sink into a dark hole with fears and believe that every time your partner is away from you he is up to no good and you become controlling, you will only destroy what you have and you can cause those fears to become a reality. 

Express what you feel, communicate often, and move forward together. There’s no reason why anyone should take disrespect from anyone but if you know in your heart that things can get better and another chance is worth it, then maybe you should just try it, only if your soul screams out that you should. I am not saying to make this a habit. Incorporate all of these things in your relationship with much love and good energy and you—as well as your relationship, life, and careers—will flourish beautifully. 

I am happy with my artist and very proud of him. I wish you all the best in your own journeys. 

I’d rather spend many years experiencing the unexpected and embracing the blessings of life with you than spend it without you and live a boring life. 

– From me to YOU. 

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