Through Any Darkness

Learn to love yourself, especially your scars.

I know, I know you feel lost in the woods and trapped. You may be feeling as if you’re alone and like there is not a soul out there that can understand you. You may be feeling as if you deserve all that you have had to deal with and have gone through. You feel as though everyone will judge you if you speak up and fingers will be pointed at you for “putting yourself in that situation.” You may feel as though your life has no purpose and you’re on “idle.” Whatever your situation was or is I am here to tell you that YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

I am here to say that I understand you and I hear you just as much as I feel your pain.

So many other people, not just women, need to break free, too.

I am with you! I was silent for too long and let it torture me and ruin so many things, you don’t have to do the same! It’s going to be okay!!

1. Burying the Old You

You don’t have to allow this and you don’t have to let it keep happening. You may have gone to that place, you may have thought that it would be something else.

It’s time to bury that body and soul that you feel is at fault, ugly, unworthy, disgusting, and deserving of the worst.

That could be prayer, reading a self-help book, or even journaling your thoughts everyday. But in order to give yourself the love that you are worthy of, you have to start on the inside.

2. Greater Thinking

It does NOT matter if you have done wrong in your life, have been “a saint” or not… THIS IS NOT WHAT YOU DESERVE!! Make peace with your past and make peace with yourself. Forgive yourself and speak up, don’t let this eat at you.

It doesn’t matter what your beliefs are, you can always count on that soul lifting love from within, up above and those people that truly care about you. It’s important to be in touch with who you are inside and out. Personally, my relationship with the man upstairs is beautiful.

You have a beautiful mind and soul, and as steward of your own life, it’s your responsibility to nurture your inner self.

3. Seeking Help

I am grateful for the man that was made for me because he has helped me through so much and has helped me build strength to stand in front of you and whoever I have to in order to get this message across. Surround yourself with the people you feel comfortable with and trust. It will not change what happened, but opening up will heal you and it will make you stronger.

Seeking professional and help from the authorities will not only add to your healing process, but it can help save someone else. 

Depending on the state or place that you live in, you can search for your local police station or Special Victims Squad. Taking that step is the hardest but once you do you’ll instantly feel weight lifted.

I never thought that actually talking about this and seeking help would make me feel free but it has and I wish the same for each of you.

4. Self-Care & Regrowth

This goes beyond the basics like brushing your teeth or eating every day. What I like to do when I need a little TLC is clean the house, listen to music, and paint my nails—anything to get my mind off of things. Depending on what you like to do, self-care could range from a prayer, reading about self-help, or even journaling your thoughts everyday; treating yourself in any way. Whatever it is, make sure that you are nurturing yourself and learning to change the way you look at yourself in order to give yourself the love that you are worthy of. You have to start on the inside.

Find things about yourself that you love. It doesn’t have to be anything big. But maybe look in the mirror and list three things you love—or at least like about yourself. For example, whenever I think about things I absolutely love about myself, the things that come to mind are:

  1. I love that I am quirky and energetic.
  2. I love my passion for writing. 
  3. A physical feature that I really love about myself are my big brown eyes and naturally thin and arched eyebrows.


You must be thinking: “You make it sound so easy!” But I did not get like this over night. It has taken me a while to learn how to love and appreciate myself when no one else would. So be patient with yourself. Just remember that no one can take this journey but you. Things happen for reasons we may not understand at the moment but surviving and fighting through it is not just for anyone.

You are wonderful. You are beautiful. You are worth it. You deserve the best. You are not alone. You are a survivor and a warrior. Change and freedom starts with YOU. You are loved!

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